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Workshops / Retreats

Working with Groups

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Developing thought leaders and thoughtful leaders is a deliberate strategy. Although each individual executive or team member needs to have their own personal plan, participants in workshops or retreats can get added value by testing out their ideas and content in a safe space.

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Mindy has over 30 years of facilitation experience, and she prides herself on running high quality learning sessions. Feedback from participants and organizers is consistently outstanding, and the words that come up most frequently are “positive” and “inspiring”.

If you are planning an offsite retreat for your team, let’s discuss bringing Mindy in for an exceptional and insightful experience for your delegates!

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Client Reviews

Having received over 100 client testimonials and endorsements through the years, we needed to choose a handful that represent the broad spectrum of clients Mindy has worked with. We hope you enjoy reading these comments and getting an idea of the value Mindy brings to organizations. If you would like to know more, simply get in touch.

Changing the Conversation from Thought Leadership to Thoughtful Leadership