You can engage with Mindy and her content in many ways. Her material can be found on thousands of web pages, but the real value comes when you get her up close and personal. That includeslive events but alsovirtual keynotes and sessions, of which she has delivered over 500 during the past ten years!


International Keynote Speaker

Mindy has been on a stage from the age of seven, although that involved performing in theatre productions! She now brings a sense of joy and excitement, and yes, a bit of theatre, to her keynote presentations.

You should know upfront that Mindy practices what she preaches in her book 24 Carat Bold. This means she is not afraid to shake things up, tell it like it is and do unexpected things on stage (don’t worry –it’s always legal, safe, inclusive and clean!)…

Workshops / Retreats

Working with Groups

Developing thought leaders and thoughtful leaders is a deliberate strategy. Although each individual executive or team member needs to have their own personal plan, participants in workshops or retreats can get added value by testing out their ideas and content in a safe space.

Mindy has over 30 years of facilitation experience, and she prides herself on running high quality learning sessions…


Thought Leadership Strategy

Despite looking and acting very youthful, Mindy has actually been coaching people for over 30 years! She has an impressive pedigree, including having qualified with the Anthony Robbins organization as a senior leader and supported dozens of their events.

We are sure you would agree that good coaching requires deep caring and trust. Coaching someone to bring their boldest and most original ideas into the world requires skill and finesse, as well as confidentiality…

The MindyGK Advantage

Why Work with Mindy

Inspire and Empower Your People to Become Thoughtful Leaders

Mindy’s exciting frameworks and methods will give participants real guidance and insights to share their best ideas internally and externally, creating a sense of pride and loyalty.

Create a Culture of Thought Leadership with More Impact and Lower Investment

Your company and brand will gain more credibility, retaining your best people and demonstrating you truly care about them and their personal fulfillment.