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Thought Leadership Strategy

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Despite looking and acting very youthful, Mindy has actually been coaching people for over 30 years! She has an impressive pedigree, including having qualified with the Anthony Robbins organization as a senior leader and supported dozens of their events.

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We are sure you would agree that good coaching requires deep caring and trust. Coaching someone to bring their boldest and most original ideas into the world requires skill and finesse, as well as confidentiality. Mindy brings all of these qualities to her clients, resulting in exciting, disruptive content and highly engaged, enthusiastic and loyal team members.

Please note that we consider coaching to be a one-to-one experience and we don’t believe in the term “group coaching”. We call our group work “facilitation”, “workshops”, “masterclasses” or “training sessions”. See the Workshops/Retreats section if you are looking to up skill multiple team members.

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Client Reviews

Having received over 100 client testimonials and endorsements through the years, we needed to choose a handful that represent the broad spectrum of clients Mindy has worked with. We hope you enjoy reading these comments and getting an idea of the value Mindy brings to organizations. If you would like to know more, simply get in touch.

Changing the Conversation from Thought Leadership to Thoughtful Leadership